Final Music Video

This is our final draft for our music video. We have changed the colours of the videos so they would all match. Also did we replace some of the forrest shots to link them more with the flower bath scenes. The lip sync also got adjusted so it would hit the words more accurately.








Evaluation (3) Audience feedback


This is feedback from friends on our music video on facebook and also a little film of people who give us feedback whilst they watch our final product. We wanted our viewers to tell us what they thought about our video if positive or negative. If I would to be start over again with the video I would change some little details such as the lip sync, becuase it was slightly out of place. In general, I am very confident with the video to be a good product.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 09.24.55

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 09.31.31.png

Here we have some statistics from youtube about which gender, country and how long our video has been watched for by the viewers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.34.30Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 10.34.58

Evaluation (1) Key Shots


These are the key scene of the music video

We tried to have different colours between the lead singer who is Kane and the other scenes with he couple where they fight and frm there a little difference to the scene of the girl in the bath. We stayed in the colour range of greyish blue for the fight scenes and a pinkish warm colour for the lead singer and in the scenes in the bath have more intensity of pink.

I chose these pictures for the key scene because it shows the most important person who is the singer, he will be appearing a few times during the video but mostly  hidden behind the story he is telling – singing. We wanted to keep the lead singer different to the people – in this case the male character – who are acting the story as we already have different colours to the scenes between those and we wanted to have two separate scenes going on in our video as we feel it gives it more excitement and more to look at whilst watching our video as it already is quite a slow one we didn’t want to bore our audience.

The most important scenes of the story are the scenes of the couple though, they represent what we are trying to show in our video. We have made those videos play in a more sad lighting because the ambiance in this parts are very bad as the two characters are fighting with each other. The fight is a very important scene, as we are trying to put more detail and more action into our filming. The story also outlines a few stereotypes we have when we look at a dysfunctional relationship.

We also have scenes where we have filmed the surroundings to make the viewers feel more connected to the video and know where the video is being filmed. In these we have included some of the flowers we used in the bath shots to make them link with the video, so everything has their place.






Ancillary Task Advert – Flat Plan (3)

This is the flat plan for my advert I am planning. I want to keep the poster very simple and not too much of excitment on the advert, as the music should link with the poster and when someone listens to the music they can hear that it is very softenig and calm and it doesnt have very fast beats. I will also keep to theme of flowers we have in our video on the poster so this can also link to eachother.


Ancillary Task Advert – Importance of Printed Advertisement(2)


The printed version of advertisement can be really informative and lasts longer than word of mouth or announcements on tv or radio. Businesses also use printed advertisements to create an image for a business. A company or product logo is the consummate image builder for a business, and should appear on all printed matter. The printed advert is important to every business to create a lasting image which can be seen over and over again unlike ads you see on tv which disappear again or also the ones you hear. Its easier to also reach the target audience with specific targeting. A good way of printed adverts is that they are mostly printed in newspapers and magazines which will be there 24/7, and that form of reading will be passed on from reader to reader. Although printed versions have been decreased over the years they are still believed to be very important for artists promotion even if its only a small piece in a magazine.

Viewers also have more trust into printed advertisement than digital advertisement. It still seems that the printed words are still more true to mind and a greater value. Newspaper reach a score of 63% trust from people, Tv 41% and Internet 25%. Consumers are more engaged when reading printed material, unlike websites which are often skimmed in a 15 second visit. Placing ads in public space such as specialty magazines can effectively reach niche audiences that may be more difficult to target online.